Coaster Rental Uganda – Hire a Coaster Bus for Group Travel in Uganda, Kampala

For a coaster bus rental or hire in Kampala, we are the best answer for you. Do you need to get around Uganda as a group of workmates or friends? No car is more perfect than a coaster bus. The vehicle is big enough with seats that accommodate up to 29 passengers plus a spacious cabin for luggage. It is highly raised from the ground and very fit even for game viewing. Every seat is next to a window. For this type of vehicle, look no further than us. We are the main provider for this car to most clients in the pearl of Africa.

Reach our reservation agent and do the rental arrangements in time. We provide the coaster bus with a driver. It is not available on self-drive. Our drivers are professional and more informed. The coaster rental price is 130 USD in Kampala and 140 USD for upcountry. It excludes fuel.

We are ready to help you reach any place in the pearl of Africa such as national parks, sanctuaries and game reserves. Even those who are going for community projects in the villages, conferences, and seminars, you are good to reserve a coaster with us.

The vehicle is available for hire for any number of days you prefer starting from one day, two, and more. We give offers on weekly and monthly rentals. Enjoy your Uganda group tour in our fully customized vehicles at favoring rates per day. We are as well ready to arrange for you a one day Kampala group city tour. Our driver will take you around and unearth the thrilling allures in the capital. There is more to enjoy when you visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Jinja city, cascading Sipi Falls, Lake Mburo National Park, and the notable Uganda Equator in Kayabwe.

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Rent a Coaster Bus at Entebbe Airport

Kampala is the main location where we find our customers, but for a reliable service delivery we choose to meet clients at other notable locations including Entebbe Airport. We are ready to welcome you when you arrive at the Uganda’s international Airport. Confirm in advance and find the vehicle ready for you at no extra charge. Delivery in Jinja and other places like Fort portal, Masaka, Mbale and Kasese is possible, but at an extra cost to facilitate fuel for delivery. Share your flight arrival details and the name to put on the sign board. The company representative will be available to meet you. The Airport is about 45 kilometers from the capital and 6 kilometers from Entebbe town. After meeting, the driver will start the ride to your next destination.

Benefits of a Coaster Bus Hire in Uganda

Here are the major reasons why renting a coaster bus in Uganda or Kampala, Jinja, Fort portal and Entebbe is a perfect choice especially if you are traveling in a group of more than 15 people. We have served several clients from various parts of the world. These points listed below make it easier for you to understand why group travelers choose this vehicle for a road trip in Uganda.

Spacious & Ventilated. Accommodating up to 28 passengers, the coaster bus is very big with enough space for you to enjoy the ride. The seats are well spaced thus leaving more legroom, headroom and walking area. Each seat has a belt and is next to a window. This grants you a chance to see the roadside scenery. Moreover, the vehicle has a fully working air conditioning.

Cost friendly. Shared transport is more pocket friendly than private transport because for the private option you meet all the costs alone. For those traveling in a group there is usually an advantage of sharing some costs for transport and accommodation. With the coaster bus, you share the rental costs and find yourself saving some money in your pocket. If you are 20 passengers, you simply divide the total amount to be paid by a solo traveler on transport into 20 small portions.

Comes with a driver. Coaster rental in Uganda has a unique alternative of coming with a driver. Since it is a big car, we don’t give it out for self-drive because not everyone has a license class to drive this vehicle. We provide it with a professional operator who is ready to take you to any accessible place in the pearl of Africa. Our rental rates usually include the vehicle and operator.

Versatile. This vehicle is available for use by people who wish to execute varied businesses. Whether you are going for sightseeing in a national park, seminars, corporate events, graduation parties, picnics, family day outs or church conferences, it is good for you to go. It usually fun and entertaining to travel with your friends, workmates or family members.

Fuel efficient. This car consumes less fuel when compared to other big cars like Fuso, Sinotruck and more. Most coasters for hire in Kampala or any other area in the nation, use diesel and you find that this type of gas is cheaper than petrol. Shell, Total, Rubis and Stabex remain the best stations for good and quality fuel. You spend less on gas but reach even the isolated destinations.

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